SERVICES > Embedded HW Security

Embedded system HW security service is to reduce vulnerabilities and to protect your device from threats. The number of embedded or handheld devices are increasing and they are involved in network communications more than ever. Users of these devices are now able to execute almost all network/internet applications run on PC. These devices are also increasingly involved in transferring of secure data through public networks that needs protection from unauthorized access and thus the security requirements in embedded devices have become critical.

  -Advanced digital data extraction and analysis service by reverse engineering
  -"Chip Off" acquiring all data from damaged, locked or unsupported devices
  -Embedded system code audits
  -Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing
  -Security architecture design review and Deployment

SERVICES > Embedded SW Security

Embedded systems need stronger SW Security. We help manufacturers ensure their products and devices to be protected from cyber threats and attacks. SNTWorks has world-class techniques of firmware reverse engineering and cryptographic analysis. We can do black box testing on entire embedded platform, including software, system services, functionality and devices.

  - Dynamic Security Testing “Black Box Testing”
  - Firmware reverse engineering service
  - Secure cryptographic algorithm analysis
  - Source Code Auditing and Fuzzing
  - Application security testing from web to mobile

SERVICES > IP Infringement Investigation

Recently, the patent registration of software algorithm has been increasing with the importance of intellectual property. And also patent infringement lawsuits have been increased sharply. It is very difficult to investigate the software patent infringement. You should know the structural features of the software from many different types of hardware. Nonetheless, SNTWorks has plenty of legal knowledge to investigate the patent infringement of software. We support the patent litigation of embedded systems through partnerships with law firms and attorneys. In particular, software reverse engineering to analyze variety of patent infringements.

  - Patent infringement investigations
  - Patent Licensing defense
  - Patent Litigation support
  - Competitive technical intelligence service
  - Reverse engineering services
  - Support Patent attorney & Law Firm

SERVICES > Side Channel Attack

We study and provide methods for extracting cryptographic keys from encryption algorithms using physical information that occurs during the operation of electonic devices.

  - Development of Side channel analysis system
  - Development of Glitch fault Injection system

SERVICES > Digital Forensics

Attacks by malicious codes called malware have become a serious social problem. Especially, Malware on embedded devices is constantly on the rise. We analyze, recover and investigate the digital evidence found in devices with relation to cybercrimes. SNTWorks provides comprehensive support of digital forensics to national police, government agencies and worldwide.

  - Reverse engineering of malware on embedded systems
  - Development digital forensic tools
  - Recovery lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted digital data
  - Support digital forensic evidence examination with the department of investigation