TRAINNING > ARM Exploitation Course

We proudly give you this specialized course to focus on the exploitation of ARM devices under the real-world circumstances. Our exclusive ARM exploitation course covers reverse engineering, debugging, fuzzing, firmware analysis of ARM-based embedded devices. The goal of this training course is to enable you to exploit security holes or weaknesses of ARM-based devices. In this Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development training course, you learn everything from basic of security to the most advanced techniques on ARM systems. We will provide a highly specialized exploitation training to you soon! Please wait until you receive a notice.

TRAINNING > MIPS Exploitation Course

We are glad to introduce you our training course. This training is a professional course of MIPS Exploitation. It covers much in-depth security issues for analyzing embedded systems based on the MIPS architecture. This practical training will take the trainees from the basic level to high level of auditing, security analysis, Exploiting and Reverse Engineering, etc. Attendees are particularly able to acquire advanced knowledge about Reverse Engineering and experience with firmware analysis of MIPS-based embedded systems during this course. When you have completed our training, you will level up your skills of how to extract critical data from the firmware and analyze on MIPS embedded code. This course will be open soon!